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Since 1987, ZAITOON City Lahore has made a name for itself as one of the city’s first real estate developers. It has significantly expanded its presence as a top brand in Punjab real estate over the past ten years. Additionally, the Zaitoon City payment plan was created with the middle class in mind. Furthermore, society is perfectly situated to offer quick access to any part of Lahore. It has also completed a variety of mega structure, commercial, and residential projects. For more than 35 years, ZAITOON has been engaged in the real estate development industry. Pioneering the idea of hybrid high-rise buildings. Constructing renowned city-scale complexes and dominating the real estate market in this region. The housing society that the Zaitoon Group built. Owners and developers have a reputation for completing projects quickly and at competitive pricing. Therefore, the Developers make an effort to offer the greatest and most useful financial recommendations. The goal of Zaitoon Group is to establish itself as Pakistan’s leading builder and developer of real estate. Because they want to provide a top-notch living with modern facilities to individuals from all walks of life.

Zaitoon City Lahore (NOC)

The society’s No Objection Certificate (NOC) has been obtained by the Lahore Development Authority (LDA). All processing and development done under LDA supervision complies with regulatory requirements.

Zaitoon City Lahore Location

Zaitoon City Lahore is situated close to Sundar Road and Canal Road. In addition, the society, which is situated in a good position, is accessible from many roads. The community’s residents also have access to a wide variety of hospitals, stores, and schools.


In order to go to the housing society, certain milestones have been achieved in a short amount of time. The following are some of the location’s most notable characteristics:

  • Ferozepur Road is 10 minutes away from it.
  • Access to it is provided via Shahkam Chock.
  • 15 minutes will get you to the M2 Interchange.
  • It can get to DHA Lahore in 20 minutes.
  • The drive to the Lahore Airport takes 25 minutes.
  • It is accessible via Multan Road.

Nearby Landmarks and Places

The prominence of the place is increased by surrounding landmarks and Zaitoon City’s location in Lahore. Due to the presence of nearby residential areas, commercial areas, and educational institutions. Additionally, top-tier institutions, universities, and schools are included. The housing neighborhood is crucial, meanwhile. Similar to that, the area is surrounded with eateries and hospitals that are open every day of the week.

Zaitoon City Lahore Master Plan

According to this, Zaitoon City Lahore’s master plan includes sites for both residences and businesses. There are three different sizes of residential plots: five, ten, and twenty marlas. The sizes of commercial plots range from 4 to 8 marlas. The adventure park is spread out across a vast region. Since this is a future project, developers will shortly provide the master plan.

Facilities and Amenities

The project has a lot of opulent and special features. Therefore, the most gratifying element of society is giving the greatest degree of service. Here are a few amenities that contribute to making a community appealing to both visitors and locals.

Safety and security

¬†For everyone, maintaining a clean environment and a stable climate are major considerations. Similar to this, Zaitoon City is a housing society that offers its residents the greatest possible living arrangements. Additionally, the neighborhood offers a high level of security and is completely secured. There won’t be any threats to residents’ safety or well-being. All cables and wires are sufficiently shielded and risk-free to remove the danger issue.

Healthy Living Environment

A clean, healthy place to live in thanks to the housing scheme. There is a fantastic design for sanitary to give inhabitants a clean atmosphere.

Water, Gas, And Electricity Available At All Times

Housing societies offer cutting-edge services to fulfil the demands of its inhabitants. Water, gas, and electricity are always available. All services are provided at the highest standard.

Parks and Commercial Areas

Entertainment improves healthy and happy lifestyles. To make the most of every minute, the housing society gives its inhabitants the opportunity to visit the business district and parks.

Salient Features

Zaitoon City has the main significant features:

  • Well-structured and well-planned
  • Stunning infrastructure
  • A carpeted road
  • NOC approved society
  • CCTV surveillance system provides high-level security
  • Facilities for medical and health care
  • An excellent educational system
  • The best sewerage system
  • Parks and playgrounds

Is Zaitoon City Lahore a reliable place to invest?

Real estate investing offers various benefits to investors. Because if correctly invested, this enterprise promises a 100% profit return. And real estate investment can have a number of advantages. Consequently, a person who makes real estate investments develops financial stability.

The rate doesn’t go down; it just continues going up. In a similar vein, it is possible to borrow money today and pay it back later. After a few years, a piece of land may develop into a lucrative enterprise. And this is how the pay remains stable. You should not pass up the chance to put money into a project that will be both profitable and advantageous. Developers provide a convenient, dependable, and trustworthy plan. It is feasible to purchase homes or flats that raise the level of living for its occupants. Investors are also welcome to freely contribute to this initiative. Because the values of real estate properties rise annually. Moreover, guaranteeing the financial success of the enterprise.


Because of its affordable costs. It has grown to be quite well-liked by investors trying to buy inexpensive real estate. Investors can also enjoy a nice lifestyle in return for a fair price.

Excellent service

The housing initiative offers top-notch amenities to its residents. The city boasts many amenities, including a safe and secure society, access to healthcare, educational facilities, clean water, electricity, and gas, as well as parks, gardens, playgrounds, mosques, shopping malls, businesses, banks, and ATMs.

Environmental Serenity

A healthy lifestyle requires tranquilly and an absence of pollution. Thus locals may lead more natural lives. Always relaxing and healing, nature. In order for locals to appreciate the greenery and clean air. To guarantee that inhabitants may live in a sanitary and environmentally friendly environment, the developers have also put in place a superb drainage system.


Because its amenities are superb and provided to the fullest. Zaitoon City Lahore is one of the most affordable and effective housing projects. To satisfy international standards, give the most up-to-date designs, tasteful architecture, and suitable infrastructure, the master plan is still being created.

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